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The NCAA Men's and Women's Ice Hockey Rules Committee announced on June 21 some tweaks and clarifications to rules implemented last summer.

Video review of offsides & too many players on scoring plays – Regarding video reviews of goals scored after infractions involving offsides or too many players on the ice, the committee clarified that the ability to review these plays ends if the defensive team gains possession and control of the puck between the time of the suspected infraction and when the goal is scored.

The committee also recommended that, for regular-season games, such a review can be initiated by the officials (i.e. without a coach's challenge) in the final 10 minutes of regulation and overtime.  (Previously the time limit was the final 2 minutes of regulation plus OT.)  In the postseason, on-ice officials can initiate a review of this type at any point in the game.

Overtime playing procedures – The rules committee confirmed that regular-season playing procedure options for overtimes will remain as-is for 2017-2018.  After the required five-minute 5-on-5 overtime, conferences can continue to use one of several tie-breaking procedures – including the shootout used by the WCHA Women's League – that impact conference standings but not teams’ records for NCAA selection purposes.

The changes must be approved by the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel, which is scheduled to discuss the proposals via conference call July 20.  The Ice Hockey Rules Committee may make these adjustments in an off-year for changes because the rules were implemented last season and required clarification.