Locker sponsorship is one of the important ways the Power Play Club supports the team while building camaraderie with the players. Members can make a donation to the team's special projects fund in honor of a particular player. The donor's name is written above the player's locker, and the donor has the opportunity to have their photograph taken by the locker with their "sponsored" player. Locker sponsors also receive an invitation to attend a team meal. 

2017-2018 registration is open at all member levels (including Locker Sponsorship). A minimum contribution of $600 is required to become a Locker Sponsor, though any amount above and beyond that is encouraged. You can choose whether your funds go to the...

  • Women’s Hockey Enhancement Fund, which directly benefits the team for expenses outside its standard operating budget,
  • or the Power Play Club Scholarship, which helps fund a GWH player’s annual tuition.

A fully-detailed list of member benefits can be found on the member level page. Questions about locker sponsorship and inquiries on how to become a new Locker Sponsor should be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Below is a list of the locker sponsors from the 2016-2017 season. Every player and coach was sponsored, and we raised more than $21,000 for the program!

Player Number Player Name Sponsor's Name(s)
2 Lee Stecklein Sharon Danes & Bob Milligan
3 Anna Barlow Paula & Erik Biever
4 Tianna Gunderson Stu Wilson & Melissa Barker
5 Sophie Skarzynski J. Michael Neal
6 Kate Schipper Beth Wright & Anne Graham
7 Taylor Williamson The Williamson Family
8 Kippen Keller Mat & Monique Lindquist
H. William Lurton
The Keller Family
9 Sydney Baldwin The Baldwin Family
10 Cara Piazza David Malerich
11 Kelsey Cline Andrew (Drew) Kalman
12 Megan Wolfe Pam Gardner
14 Lindsay Agnew Colin B. Titcomb
15 Paige Haley Jeanne Lowe
17 Sierra Smith Brenda Pickett & Kevin Hadel
18 Katie Robinson Ardell & Judy Brede
19 Kelly Pannek Bill Voedisch & Laurie Carlson
20 Alex Woken Chris Benson
Ben Hecker & Paul Tatting
21 Dani Cameranesi Ken & Tess Cameranesi
23 Caitlin Reilly Linda & Will Kenny
Mike & Lisa Reilly
25 Nicole Schammel Barbara Hoese
26 Sarah Potomak Susan & Mary Lynn McPherson
27 Patti Marshall Becky Petersen & David Johnson
Shirley Harff
30 Serena D'Angelo Deborah Olson
31 Emma May Bill, Diana & Anne Johnson
37 Sidney Peters Marvin Souba
  Coach Frost Adam, Karol & Doug Angove
  Coach Johnson Becky Petersen & David Johnson
  Coach Brausen Julianne Bye
  Coach Kent Clarice & Grant Westall